About me


Hi, I'm Robyn, and welcome to Tall Bobby!

Having grown up as always being the tallest girl in school, it was difficult being seen as different - especially as being seen as different as a teenager is never cool.. Trying to blend in and trying to find clothes that fit was hard!

But as you get older, you realize that being tall is something you cannot change and its something in fact to embrace, enhance and love! This means finding clothes that fit, are fashionable and flattering to our amazing tall bodies. 

And so the Tall Bobby range began, I've personally tested and worn and washed each item to ensure you get only the best. I've started with Phase 1 which includes all the basics which we tall girls struggle with the most - vest tops, long sleeve tops, pajama pants and lounge/tracksuit pants.   No more cold ankles in winter, no more tracksuit pants that creep up your calves and no more long sleeve tops that sit halfway up your arms!  I've also paid very close attention to the details - a flattering neckline on the vest tops, thick elastic waistband on the tracksuit pants to flatter the figure, thicker waistband on the pj pants so it doesn't cut into the tummy, lower and rounded neckline on the long sleeve top, etc.

I'm extremely proud of this collection and really excited to bring this to my fellow tall girls, the struggle is over!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback, I'd love to hear from you... 

Stand Tall Darling!

Warm wishes, Robyn